Provisional Driving Licence

If you reached 17,5 years of age you are allowed by Cyprus law to acquire a provisional driving licence of ‘B’ category (saloon car). This enables you to start driving lessons at a driving school in order to get the full driving licence.

The first step in order to aquire your learner’s licence is to read the “How to pass the driving test” book, that contains all that you need to know, (traffic signs, driving rules, various questions with answers on the theory part of driving test e.t.c)

The “How to pass the driving test” book is published since 1972 from Mr Panayiotis Halkos the owner of Halkos driving school, in both Greek and English, and you can get it for free from our school.

After you learn this Highway Code, you can contact our office for any further information on how to get your learners’ driving licence.