In roundabouts the following basic principles apply:

  • Have in mind the course you are going to follow.
  • Take information from the road signs.
  • Use your mirrors and make proper use your indicators.
  • Choose the right lane of entry prior to the roundabout, according to the course you will follow.
  • Adjust your speed to the roundabout’s driving conditions.
  • Approaching and moving in a roundabout requires observing the moves and intentions of the other drivers.
  • Prior to entering the roundabout give priority to the right.
roundabout graphic

Carefully watch the following videos. Call us for any questions.

  • (video) Roundabout with one entry lane and one exit lane
  • (video) Roundabout with two entry lanes and two exit lanes
  • (video) Roundabout with three entry lanes and two exit lanes

  • Lane indicator, according to your direction prior to roundabouts (use the right lane)