The driving license is obtained only once in life. You must choose carefully the driving school that will properly train you to be safe in the street.
Our licensed trainers, government-approved, with their experience and knowledge, as well as patience provided with students, prepare them to succeed in the examination. Michalis Halkos, one of our driving instructors at HALKOS driving school since 1998, excelled in the national government tests and was awarded with the title of the best driving instructor in Cyprus.

A good driver is the one who does everything learned during the training and the one who is constantly informed about all the changes made to the road network. (roundabouts, three lanes on the highway etc)

In driving, there is no excuse for mistakes. Even one mistake can be fatal. Drive your life properly and safely. Trust our team for your training, we are experienced and passionate in the services we provide.

Here are some articles written by the driving instructors of HALKOS driving school, which are helpful for every driver